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Καλώς Ήλθατε (Welcome)

Welcome to our site. A site dedicated to the idea of  Freedom and spread of Knowledge through the Blockchain technology. “Alysidakoinopoihsewn” is a sub-site of the main site under the name “Blogchains.org“. You are at the home page right now. In the “Αλυσίδα κοινοποιήσεων” page which literally means “Blockchain”, you will be seeing the posts of our site. Strong criteria for a post are considered it’s (and not its) correlation with the blockchain technology and a post is considered as a not-for-publishment one, when lacks discrimination between public and private, when it is indiscreet, in other words.

Send us your article, should you believe is eligible to be tagged under the art-icle tag (#art-icle), and if we feel so too, we’ll happily post it under our Art-icle category. Sole condition (why didn’t we choose “requirement”, here),  for an article to be considered as an art-icle, is to have the ability to be communicated from mouth to mouth.

If also, you don’t know exactly what a blockchain is, and is interested to know press here. The text-ile is made in Greece.

(All site content (part or as a whole) is welcomed to free distribution with the sole requirement of it’s source reference. We also value Privacy as a Right, therefore we do not share with 3rd parties nor we use your personal data in any way.)