Cryptoeconomy-A guide (last updated: 6/11/2017)

What is cryptoeconomy?

Cryptoeconomy can be also considered the sum of all actions concerning digital currencies

What is digital currency or cryptocurrency?

Digital currency or Cryptocurrency is a new kind of value representation created by humanity. Just like what money is. Or was.

What does CryptoCurrency offer?

  • Money transfers around the globe with proven safety,ease of use  and speed.
  • Buying of goods.
  • Long term investments.
  • Trading.
  • Control over my fortune.
  • Privacy.Anonymity.
  • Smart Contracts

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Wallet applications

Smart Contracts

What is a “smart contract”?

We can define “Smart Contract” as the sum of all digital data that are posted in a blockchain and define the terms and conditions of completion or not of a transaction with digital coins. The smart contract ensures the compliance of these terms and condition between all involved parts in this transaction.
Digital Wallets

What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet is like a bank account. It stores your digital money.Each cryptocurrency has its own wallet. Bitcoin has a wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum has a wallet for ethereum. There are some multi-currency wallets, but in general it is recommended to use official wallets for each currency.Let’s clarify at this point that on the contrary with your traditional bank account, that wallet belongs to you and not to the bank.

How do digital wallets work? How can i have one?

Almost all “digital currency” wallets function in a similar way. Upon creation of your personal wallet, a “seed phrase” is given. This seed is usually 12-24 words that function as the “keys” to your wallet. For that reason is strongly recommended that in this very first step, you have a simple notepad and a pen with you, so that you store safely and offline your unique key, without which you will have lost access to your digital wallet and money, forever. So write down your seed phrase, make a copy or two of it in a safe place, and NEVER share the seed with anyone you would not trust your physical wallet with. The seed-phrase is the personal key to open our wallet. A second phrase ( a series of letters & numbers) will be also given to us which we will call our wallet address from now on. This second phrase is actually our bank account number which we share with whoever we want to receive money from.

Types of Wallets

Software Wallet

A software wallet is an application / program (PC software, Android App, IOS App) that is used to store digital currency.​

Hardware Wallet

A wallet with material substance. Having a hardware wallet simply means being owners of seed phrase as well of a device (ex usb flash. It is generally considered more secure than simply having a software wallet.​

Online Wallet

We own an account in an online platform(usually a company owns these platforms) that handles wallets. While your money in the platform are subject to the terms and conditions of the platform. So it is strongly advisable to read those terms and conditions before moving your money there. ​

List with suggested online wallets

Exchange Wallets

What is an exchange and how it can be used as a wallet?

An exchange is an online platform (usually a company owns these exchanges), in which you can transfer your digital money and exchange them with other currencies both fiat and digital through trading(exchange and margin) or funding. While your money in the platform are subject to the terms and conditions of the platform. So it is strongly advisable to read those terms and conditions before moving your money there.​

Which are the most reliable exchanges?

An exchange is considered reliable until it doesn’t. Below you will find a list of recommended exchanges at this date (taken from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Link here)​

What will i need to sign up with an exchange?

  • Verification Documents (usually ID and Proof of residence
  • Email confirmations
  • Telephone confirmations

Online wallet No2

Details for online wallet No2​

What type of wallet should I use (Pros/Cons)

Every type of digital wallet has its unique characteristics hence is followed by some pros and cos. In general, online wallets and exchanges are more flexible and with a wide range of management options for our digital money but also have the serious disadvantage of not being able to guarantee the good intentions of their owners as well as the inherent nature of their security features. In the past there have been cases of loss of property. So do your studies before signing up in one of them. On the contrary, software and hardware wallets are more secure in general, but with less applications for your currencies.
Buy Digital Coins- Howto

How can i acquire Digital Coins in Greece?

You simply exchange traditional money with digital ones. As your traditional money exist in either of the three below types we will look at each one of them separately.

Do it with Cash

There are a few ways and places you can exchange your cash to digital coins(mostly bitcoin). In Athens and Thessaloniki there are public ATM’s where you can do that. Links to them will follow below. Indicatively here are three of them.
  • Στο Bitcoin ATM της GroupBTC Greece στην Κώστα Βάρναλη 2-4, Εμπορικό Κέντρο Ερμείον 3, Πλατεία Δούρου, Χαλάνδρι 15233. Είναι δίπλα στο Γρηγόρης Μικρογεύματα. Χρεώνει 7% πάνω στην ισοτιμία του BitcoinAverage για Ευρώ -> Bitcoin και 4% κάτω για Bitcoin -> Ευρώ
  • Στο Bitcoin ATM στην Αναγεννήσεως 7, Θεσσαλονίκη για Ευρώ -> Bitcoin (τηλ. 6941412894). Δείτε το βίντεο που δείχνει πως αγοράζετε Bitcoin από το ATM. Χρεώνει 7% πάνω στην ισοτιμία του ανταλλακτηρίου Kraken.
  • Στο Bitcoin ATM της BCash στην Δημητρακοπούλου 84, Αθήνα, κοντά στο Μετρό Συγγρού-Φιξ, για αγορά και πώληση Bitcoin. Επίσης στην Καλοκαιρινού 64, στο Ηράκλειο Κρήτης, μόνο για Ευρώ -> Bitcoin. Στο βενζινάδικο της Aegean στη Λεωφόρο Θηβών 197 & Κρήνης, Αθήνα 18233 για Ευρώ -> Bitcoin μέσω κουπονιού.
You can visit this link and watch a series of short videos explaining the above procedure. In addition to exchange cash fiat with digital currencies through ATM’s, there are companies like CHIP-CHAP for example that exchange fiat cash with digital currencies. Here's how this is done.

Do it with Bank Account

Buy digital coins by paying them with your credit card or bank account. Sign up for a stock exchange that supports purchases with a credit card and/or bank account and follow the suggested procedure.Links to such will follow below. Indicatively here are two such exchanges

Do it With Credit card/Bank Account

There are companies like CHIP-CHAP that exchange money from your bank account with digital coins. In essence, you are exchanging traditional money (by sending them to the bank account indicated by this company) with digital coins (the company will send you the digital money in the digital wallet that you have already created and indicated your address to this company). Here is an example of such a transaction.